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Rajesh Shrihari Kalsekar

Regional Manager - Agency Devt. & Corp. Accounts

Mumbai, INDIA

“Offer from Navio was like a friend calling home for me... and that’s how I am here with Navio... which itself is a well-known name in the Trade now. "Hi friends.. this is Rajesh .. and have started with the feelings I carry being a Navian. It’s more than 5 yrs. now being with the second Family, NAVIO. The Journey was not easy. There were many ups and downs in the last 5 yrs., on personal and professional levels. But the management of Navio always stood beside giving all the support. Being with Navio, It is always a feel-good factor to be a part of a growing organization. Although there were many challenges like it’s faced by a newborn baby who tries hard to first balance then stand then walk and then Run, with the principled approach, we faced all the challenges head-on and now feeling proud to be part of this BABY who had started running in a very short time span. It was possible only due to the clear vision & path set by Navio’s top Leaders. Have seen the team growing from 5 to 15... 15 to 150 and it’s still counting... the like-minded people kept joining strengthening the Family bonding of Navio spreading its wings around.. the tree is still growing with the dream of providing fruit and shelter to maximum families possible. I wish every member of the family, all the Good luck. Stay happy and stay together bonded with care and responsibility.

23 Anitha.jpg

Anita Nair

Manager - Agency Devt. & Corp. Accounts

Mumbai, INDIA

I started my journey with "Navio" 6 years back (Sep'14) and it had been a wonderful experience so was a multitasking responsibility coordinating as customer service, HR and finance when I started in these functional roles. Gradually I started handling finance from 2015 - Jan 2020 which I say was a fantastic experience, coming to understand all aspects of company finance. Since Jan 2020 I'm handling agency and Corporate Business Development which is again a challenging and learning experience every day. It has been a precious experience to have worked in all important verticals of the organization. I have seen the wonderful growth of the organization year on year basis and I have also grown individually as a shipping and logistics company professional. Looking forward to growing professionally with the organization in the coming years. Thank you!! 

05 Sabeen Khaleel.jpg

Sabeena Khaleel

HR Manager, UAE

Our continued success is directly attributed to the professionalism and dedication of our employees. We at Navio, work together as a team establishing trust, respect, and dignity for all. Navio is an organization that does not require any explanation of its market strength & values. We follow a friendly work culture and always been providing sensitive caring towards employees' professional & personal development and needs. Easy approachable and friendly Management is an attractive part of Navio. We are team-driven and operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. This is a company that adds significant value to each employee and it helps each individual to reach their highest potential.

Truly gratified to be part of Navio!

06 Pradeep Menon.jpg

Pradeep Menon

Director - Freight Forwarding & Projects (FFD)

Dubai, UAE

Navio is a family, truly a second home… Everyone works as a team, irrespective of the hierarchy!! So glad and proud to be associated with Navio. There is a saying, the way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customer!!! And we have happy customers!!!!

04 Rajeev Nair.jpg

Rajeev Nair

Manger - Liner Agency

Mundra, INDIA

N   Non-negative

A   Adaptability 

V   Virtuous 

I     Integrity 

O   Optimistic

02 G Samy Iyyappan.jpg

G Samy Iyyappan

Manager - Logistics

Tuticorin, INDIA

Strong Leadership


Staying focused on strengths and Customer-centric


Providing end to end solutions


Good and healthy working atmosphere


Inspiring a positive corporate culture

03 Namrata Tiwari.jpg

Namrata Tiwari

Senior Manager-Liner Agency

Mumbai, INDIA

I have always believed in learning and growing intellectually, spiritually, and becoming a better person in life as a whole. Working at Navio for more than 5 years has been a wonderful journey of growth professionally and personally. At Navio, I can categorically say that it’s been full of learning experiences. Navio is one of the most promising growth company that have a whole bunch of opportunities to everyone in the organization especially for those who have the drive for it. The good workplace culture has given me the advantage to grow myself in skills and knowledge. There is a direct link between employee satisfaction, client satisfaction, and profitability within the organization and I am really overwhelmed to be a part of it. Navio has been a platform for many individuals to evolve and explore their strengths and being an employee-oriented organization, gives immense satisfaction to work here. Thankful to Navio, its Management, All my colleagues for caring and supporting me wholeheartedly and making me a better person. 

Vijai Viswanathan

08 Vijai Viswanathan.jpg

Senior Manager - Liner Agency

Kochi, INDIA

My journey with Navio began on the 7th of January 2019. Since most of the Management team was known to me for quite some time, I didn't have the feeling that am joining a new company. Even the team at Cochin was also known to me. But soon I had to face a big challenge when some key personnel left the company to join our competitors. However, I was able to replace them with even better professionals, which actually strengthened the team considerably. My 20 months journey with Navio has been eventful, challenging, and exciting at the same time. Of late, I have been assigned the responsibility of the Kolkata branch also and am thankful to the Management for the confidence and trust bestowed on me. We have been able to consistently retain our position among Top 5 NVOCCs in Cochin and my ambition now is to make Navio Cochin the No.1 NVOCC in Cochin.

Surjeet Panicker

08 Surjeet Panicker.jpg

Manager - Customer Service & Operations (NVOCC)

Dubai - UAE

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps to bring it out of you. This is what happened to me in 6 years of journey with Navio. Commitment & hard work which I always wanted to set as an example of growth for each individual & where leaders are ready to support & guide you ahead to face the next challenges in life. The mantra of Navio is SKY IS THE LIMIT, which always steers me to the next level of success. Proud to be a “NAVIAN”

Ashwin Achuthan Thiyya

10 Ashwin.jpg

Manager - Agency Devt. & Corp. Accounts

Mumbai, INDIA

When we join any new organization it takes some time for anyone to get acclimatized to the working atmosphere & the same has been the case with me during my previous assignments. Getting onboard with Navio was totally different, they embrace you from the very first day & make you comfortable & part of their family from the beginning. It is now close to 5 years & never knew how the time has flown. With very professional management leading the show & with their guidance it becomes easier for us to execute our jobs even in the toughest of conditions, majorly because of the strong support we all receive. Not only professionally, but all the employees are also personally taken care of & right talent, a hardworking employee has no dearth for opportunities working with NAVIO. I am proud to be part of this organization & with a very High Josh I say, I am a NAVIAN :)

Preetham C. Pinto

07 Preetham C. Pinto.jpg

Business Development Manager (FFD)

Dubai, UAE

NAVIO SHIPPING LLC is a great place to work as it is a diverse organization with talented people, great leadership, and collaborative culture. It is like a family to me here, more than I look over it as an organization. My favorite consideration of Navio is simplicity within the Team and the Management. I chose to work with Navio Shipping LLC, for its opportunities and I wish to contribute to its success and to be part of a fast-growing company. Navio is one of the Pioneers in its industry, which offers a growing career and we are in the race to see these facts are delivered. My core objective and attention will be to work for the responsibilities, to make Navio Shipping at the forefront of accelerating the creation of better-quality services and product liner to become a leader in the domestic and international markets. Rest all at I believe in - When the company grows, you will grow. Believe your Merits and work on Demerits. Work smart with passion and results is automatic.

Jinto Jomy

24 Jinto.jpg

Regional Head

Southeast Asia

“I Have Joined Navio in the year 2019 and proud to say that, the working culture & the teamwork gives immense pleasure and tons of confidence to each and every staff of Navio who walk into any customer and able to address the customer needs and will come up with the best economical solutions to solve the problems. Everyone I work with Navio has a strong drive to get the things done, regardless of the time or day of the week. Navio culture reinforced from the top down starts with the senior management team, a group of people who are refreshingly down to earth, approachable and caring !! Thankful to the Navio management and all my colleagues !! We shall keep up the Navio flag high as much we can!!!

A V Joseph

09 A V Joseph.jpg

Vice President SBU Head Liner Agency

Chennai, INDIA

Navio is a young and fast-growing company focused on providing customers with excellent service levels. The promoters were my long term colleagues from the shipping Industry and when I got an opportunity to lead a team with Pan – India responsibility, I didn’t have to think twice. This was an opportunity to apply and impart my decades of experience and expertise to a growing and agile team focused on delivering quality service to customers. The work environment is exciting with new opportunities with the freedom to suggest and implement new ideas.I look forward to being part of the growth story of Navio in the years to come.

Dhanaeskhar S

11 Dhanaeshkhar.jpg

Branch Manager 

Oman, UAE

I have started my career in UAE 13 years ago and since then I am fortunate enough to work with Navio Management. Navio is a place full of energy and a friendly working environment. In Navio we get lots of opportunities to grow along with the company. 


12 harikrishnan.jpg

Manager - Liner Agency

Chennai, INDIA

Open And Friendly Discussing With Management Anytime Direct Contacts To Management Very Good Support From Management To Develop Business And Personal Carrier Development. 

Shamsheer Shariff 

16 Shamsheer Shariff.jpg

Senior Manager - Business Development (FFD)

Dubai, UAE

I have joined Navio keeping in mind, the vast experience and energy within the Management, above all, it was working with a friendly environment rather than a typical office atmosphere. The friendly atmosphere within the company has given us all the opportunities to grow and to convey our ideas to the team in a good manner. The Management concern for the staff and their family is something that needs to be complimented on, and each staff is taken care of as one of their family members. Had been a great experience working with this esteemed company and looking forward to engaging with this team for the coming years ahead. Together we will succeed, and our success will be bestowed to the future of our company.

Pramod V.P

14 Pramod VP.jpg

Manager - Accounts
Dubai, UAE

Navio is a young and fast-growing company focused on providing customers with an excellent service level. Working at Navio for more than 3 years has been a wonderful journey of growth, professionally and personally. There is a direct link between employee satisfaction, client satisfaction, and profitability within the organization. Navio always keeps a friendly atmosphere with all staff. Navio has been a platform for many individuals to evolve and explore their strengths and being an employee-oriented organization, it gives immense satisfaction to work here.

Kaveen Amarasinghe

15 Kaveen.jpg

Manager - Overseas Agency Development 

Dubai, UAE

I have been sailing in rough seas during my career, but since I started my journey with Navio for the past 6+ years,  Navio has nurtured and groomed me to the next level. For me, “NAVIO” is family with full of life, attitude, emotions, and true driven success.

Nishin Jayaprakash

19 Nishin Jayaprakash.jpg

Line Manager

Dubai, UAE

I started my wonderful journey with Navio in April 2018 and was welcomed into Navio Family by the Management partly known to me. Soon I have realized that Navio is a place wherein as an employee we can dream big and can make it a reality. Navio provides us a conducive and employee-friendly work environment, which helps the employee to give quality service to our clients. In terms of career growth also it provides the best platform to enhance our knowledge and skills. I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with Navio and absolutely look forward to work here on long tenure. One of my dreams is to take Navio to the top 5 NVOCC operators from Dubai to the Indian sector. I thank Management for showing confidence in me in leading the Team to achieve this dream. With the support of Management and our excellent team, we will surely achieve our Dreams one by one.

Lalith Bose

20 Lalith Bose.jpg

Assistant Manager - Operations (NVOCC)

Dubai, UAE

Navio is one of the best Companies for personal and professional growth through great leadership and guidance from Management. My professional experience with Navio since the last 4 years is really exciting and self-enhancing. Truly thankful to be part of such an amazing team.

Amith Raj K.S

21 Amith Raj.jpg

Assistant Manager - Operations (NVOCC)

Dubai, UAE

It is with my pleasure to be part of the Navio family since the year 2014. Navio helps me to build my carrier in a way that no word can express. Thanks to the Management and staff to make me feel that Navio is MY HOME.

Faris C.T

22 Faris.jpg

Assistant Manager, Sales & Marketing (NVOCC)

Dubai, UAE

When I have been chosen to work with Navio, when the company started 6 years ago, I was really happy because I was so intrigued by Company’s culture and the professional and personal growth potential as a newly established organization. Over the career-spanning of 6 years, there was no single day passed as the same. With the leadership of our Management Team, we are growing day by day and as an employee, my service is valued in numerous ways. Navio promotes a healthy work environment which includes fun-filled lunchtime, birthday celebrations, annual parties, seasonal celebrations. Monthly Sales meetings we conduct outdoors and it was a great blessing for me to have such a beautiful life with Navio. Focus & Persistence are the keywords I learned from Navio for success. I am looking forward to doing my best to Navio and to my clients as always...

Pramod C.P

17 Pramod.jpg

Manager - Sales & Marketing (FFD)

Dubai, UAE

I have been working with Navio since the year 2015. For me, Navio is like my family. Good quality of Navio is Supportive Management & friendly staff with a positive attitude. Navio treats all staff in a good manner equally. Proud to be part of Navio!!! 

Maheswaran  A

13 maheswaran.jpg

Senior Manager - Liner Agency

Tuticorin, INDIA

I very happy to work with Navio, because of the working environment & friendly approach management.

Sreeji Kumar Pillai

55 sreeji.jpg

Vice President - Corporate Accounts

Mumbai, INDIA

l feel proud to be part of the Navio family where every day is welcomed with immense energy and tenacity from the team. The Management is always supportive & encourages us to do what we are best at or be the best version of ourselves

Namratha Ajay Thampy

58 Namratha.jpg

Management Trainee - Agency Devt. & Corp. Accounts

Mumbai, INDIA

Its been 4 months at Navio, I have been working from home ever since due to the lockdowns, but every day is welcomed with immense energy from the team through our daily meetings online & engagement activities by HR. Being new to this industry, I am being trained by experienced professionals and the journey has been great so far.

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