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The pandemic had thrown our world into uncharted territory. Suddenly work from office to a tectonic shift to work from home happened globally. The need for remote working lead to  the demand for automation and collaboration tools where  the People Engagement Team played an important role at Navio ensuring adequate enablement and engagement of teams while also keeping intact that salaries where on time and no lay off. 
We emphasised on the following:
1. To Hear and Listen to our Employees through our Pulse Survey

2. We make them feel valued by Recognising them

3. We equip them with the right skills to make them engaged and productive at work by upskilling and reskilling via internal training

4. We have aligned out talent management  and engagement strategies to make employees work effectively 

5. Cultivating Bonding and Encouraging Good ideas and implementing the same.

We thank world @world logistics and supply chain Congress and Awards @world hrd congress@cmo Asia for awarding us under the category of Best Practices in HR during COVID-19. We thankyou and Navio has again been successful in creating people experiences. 
We believe people experience will create customer experience.

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NAVIO office across joins MUNDU Logistics Network – The motto itself connecting the World with People and Passion which align NAVIO Value system which will go a long way into our Global Networking.


Our recent Association with Aquagri Pvt Ltd, one of the First in the Nation to promote Sea algae with established manufacturing facilities. But what impressed and wish to associate was to engage the Self Help Groups especially Women provide livelihood with a predictable income at the same time protecting our Coastal Environment.

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On 8th September, 2021 we Navians are celebrating our 7th year in business. Navio (INDIA) was founded in 2014 with few employees, we drew closer to an employee strength of 200 within seven years and higher level of engagement than ever before. We started with a few but now we are many, not only in numbers but also in talents and creativity. Congratulations Navians for all your efforts and accomplishments! It’s not just a corporate anniversary, it’s an anniversary of a family that only grew stronger. While we have been our core principles, in the past year we have grown far beyond and are taking much more strategic and outward-looking approach. We could not have come this far without the support and hard work of each member in Navio Team and the support from our Stakeholders.


End to End Logistics was given a different dimension competing with the best in the World with last-mile deliveries into the Challenging domains in West Africa and was part of the Mahatma Gandhi International Convention Centre, Niamey, Niger to commemorate the 150th year of Our Father of Nation too.

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NAVIO offices, are always a Place of Worship for All the  Stake Holders, we always ensure there is LIFE infused towards the Environment, Hygiene factors, the Flavour, Ethnicity, the Feel, Style, Unique Interiors which makes also creates a Belonging whoever steps into any of our Offices Across


Our Energetic NVOCC Team Pan India was at its best even during the Challenging times, and crossed a 1000 teus mark in Nhavasheva alone in July 2020 which is another milestone in our young and emerging journey !!