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Navio Awarded of Best Practices in HR during COVID-19

The pandemic had thrown our world into uncharted territory. Suddenly work from office to a tectonic shift to work from home happened globally. The need for remote working lead to the demand for automation and collaboration tools where the People Engagement Team played an important role at Navio ensuring adequate enablement and engagement of teams while also keeping intact that salaries where on time and no lay off.

We emphasised on the following: 1. To Hear and Listen to our Employees through our Pulse Survey

2. We make them feel valued by Recognising them

3. We equip them with the right skills to make them engaged and productive at work by upskilling and reskilling via internal training

4. We have aligned out talent management and engagement strategies to make employees work effectively

5. Cultivating Bonding and Encouraging Good ideas and implementing the same.

We thank world@world logistics and supply chain Congress and Awards@world hrd congress@cmo Asia for awarding us under the category of Best Practices in HR during COVID-19. We thankyou and Navio has again been successful in creating people experiences.

We believe people experience will create customer experience.

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